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Brixton Arches

Ben Robinson, "Find Your Voice"


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A recent Panorama series titled "What Britain wants" in the run up to the election sets out four things we all need: someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for. In Brixton today you can see how these four questions converge around the disputed arches in the centre of the community.

We often hear phrases about something being the "heart of a community", and yet in this instance it's a true reflection of the strength of feeling and level of anxiety that both shop holders and the wider public are carrying as they contemplate the loss of this historic shopping district.

The arches near Brixton station are owned by Network Rail and they've given initial notice that the arches are to be renovated in the coming year. While specific details are yet to be announced, the indication thus far is that current tenants will need to vacate the premises by early 2016 with rents to be revised following the refurbishment.

Many of these shops have been in the same families for generations, with L.S. Mash Fishmongers and A&C Continental Deli being just some vivid examples of businesses that are part of the community's fabric.

Brixton Arches